Welcome to Artamantium, a place in time and space, where the cute and creepy coexist.

My name is Adamantios Oikonomopoulos (pronounced Economopoulos), but to make things easier you can just call me Adam.

I was born in Sydney Australia in 1971, and grew up in a pleasant neighborhood with a lot of things to explore and let my imagination go wild. In the early 80′s I moved to Athens Greece to experience a completely different culture while trying to understand what it means to be a teenager. After finishing high school I somehow found myself working as a digital artist and animator where I got my first taste of being able to create my own characters and stories. A few years later I decided the time had come for another little adventure, so in the late 90′s I moved to England and spent several years working as a computer games artist. In 2005 I returned to Athens Greece were I worked as a game designer and lecturer in game designing.

But 2013 was the year I felt the time had come for a change, to actually return to what I really liked to do. To create mysterious and strange worlds full of cute and creepy characters and stories. And thus, Artamantium was born.